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Jimmy entered into the practice of law and the area of probate and trust/elder law litigation because of a personal circumstance that highlighted many pain points individuals, families, and/or fiduciaries often encounter while navigating the legal process. Jimmy’s personal experience, prior to law school, highlighted that people often, but not always, have good intentions but need sound guidance, counsel, and advocacy in navigating difficult and personal matters after tragedy strikes. Jimmy understands and appreciates how the law affects our everyday lives and the stress that comes with the massive undertaking of navigating the legal process. His experience also demonstrates how proper planning and preparation can avoid litigation and provide a legacy for generations to come.

Primary Practice Areas

Trust Litigation

We represent all potential parties in a trust dispute, including trustees, beneficiaries, and private fiduciaries acting as a trustee in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona. Our experience representing all potential parties in trust litigation allows us to understand each party’s perspective and strategically advise our clients.
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Probate Litigation

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, we represent clients throughout the state of Arizona in probate litigation matters. In doing so, we have years of experience representing all sides of a probate dispute, including will contests, undue influence, lack of capacity, slayer disputes, forgery, and many other matters. Our goal is to ensure your rights are protected and you receive a maximum benefit in the estate.
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Elder Abuse

In Arizona, elder abuse occurs in three (3) different ways: financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, abuse of a vulnerable adult, and/or neglect of a vulnerable adult. We represent clients in Maricopa county and across the state of Arizona in these complex matters by first ensuring the safety of the vulnerable adult and then seeking accountability of the wrongdoer.
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Guardianship & Conservatorship

We represent clients in contested and non-contested guardianship and conservatorship matters. We know that seeking guardianship and/or conservatorship is a difficult decision for most families, but can often be required to ensure a loved one’s safety. We are honored to advise and guide families through this difficult process.
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Probate and Trust Administration

We represent clients all around the state of Arizona in probate administration and trust administration. We understand the task of serving in a fiduciary role is difficult, complex, and is often compounded by your recent loss and grief. We are here to help and advise you on these difficult tasks. We also represent beneficiaries and/or heirs in protecting their rights in a probate and/or trust administration.
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Breach of Fiduciary Duty

We represent clients in ensuring their rights are protected and their assets are secure. We assist and advise clients in remedying any breach(es) of fiduciary duties to the maximum extend under Arizona law. The most common penalties for a breach of fiduciary duty are compensatory damages, punitive damages, double or treble damages, attorneys’ fees/costs, and removal of the fiduciary.
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From Our Clients

Jimmy D. Rohde, founder of JDR Law, understands that every case is different and all our clients are unique. See what some of our past clients are saying about us, and if you’ve had an experience with us, let us know how it went.

“If you are looking for an attorney who listens to you, is straight up with you (doesn’t sugarcoat anything), has an excellent understanding of the law, and gets the job done in your best interest. You should call Jimmy Rohde! … I have recommended Jimmy to my family and friends and I would recommend him to anyone reading this review.”
Heather P.

“My case was a contentious guardianship/conservatorship dispute, where some members of the family were trying to block my mother with Alzheimer’s from getting memory care. It was a heartbreaking, traumatic, and long-drawn out process. Jimmy literally saved the day, by doing everything legally possible to ensure that my Mom got the care she needed. Throughout it all, he was kind, thoughtful, and committed to seeing the right thing happen for my mother. He is excellent at this work. Very strongly recommended!”
Stacy D.

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