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 Trust litigation

Experience Representing all Potential Parties in Trust Litigation

Here at JDR LAW we are a local Phoenix, Arizona, law firm that represents all potential parties in a trust dispute, including trustees, beneficiaries, and private fiduciaries acting as a trustee. Our experience representing all potential parties in trust litigation allows us to understand each party’s perspective and strategically advise our clients.

Saving You Time and Money

We understand trust disputes are stressful and often complex. Our default approach to your trust dispute is aggressive, while taking exerted efforts to act with professionalism because we know this dispute is personal to you.  If possible, we will first try to resolve your matter outside of litigation in order to limit and mitigate family contention – thereby saving you time and money. If the issues cannot be resolved outside of court, we have years of experience successfully litigating trust disputes.

Trust disputes and trust litigation matters that JDR LAW handles for both aggrieved parties and trustees include allegations of:

  • Undue influence over the creation or amendment of a trust document;
  • Lack of capacity to execute the trust document;
  • Trustee breached their duty by not distributing trust assets as the trust directed;
  • Trustee breached their duty by withholding or misappropriating trust assets;
  • Trustee breached their duty by not properly reporting or accounting regarding the trust assets;
  • Trustee breached its duty by improperly using trust assets for their benefit;
  • Trustee breached their duty by treating different beneficiaries unequally.

Remedies for Allegations

The remedies for the allegations above are various but can include removal of the trustee, enforcement of the trust terms, appointment of an independent trustee, or, where the allegations are unfounded, order the plaintiff to pay the cost of the trust litigation.

Enforce Your Rights as a Beneficiary

JDR LAW is here to help you enforce your rights as a beneficiary or advise you as a trustee. Each case has unique facts, circumstances, and dynamics, which is why we tailor our representation to your exact needs to ensure you are provided sound legal counsel and advice.

Contact us today if you have questions related to a trust dispute. It is important to know your rights, responsibilities, and the statute of limitations!

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