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Probate and Trust Administration

We Pride Ourselves on Clear, Timely, and Efficient Administration

JDR LAW, located in Phoenix, Arizona, serves clients all around the state of Arizona in probate administration and trust administration.  We understand the task of serving in a fiduciary role is difficult, complex, and is often compounded by your recent loss and grief. For these reasons, we pride ourselves on clear, timely, and efficient administration of the probate estate or trust estate you are the fiduciary of.

We Work Side by Side With You

The task of probate administration or trust administration involves legal technicalities, legal deadlines, and often complex questions most people have never dealt with or considered. We take every effort to minimalize your risk as the fiduciary, reduce your liability, and direct you on how to administer the estate most efficiently. We work side by side with you to ensure proper administration and work on your behalf with beneficiaries to ensure clarity and efficiency in the process. Tasks include in probate estate and trust estate administration often include:

  • Interpreting the legal documents and/or law regarding how the probate estate or trust estate is to be administered;
  • Identifying and marshaling (fancy legal word for collecting) all probate estate and/or trust estate assets;
  • Obtaining and filing proper tax documents to ensure compliance with all applicable tax laws;
  • Providing notice to heirs and/or beneficiaries;
  • Providing notice to creditors;
  • Providing notice to professionals, banking institutions, and
  • Correspondence with heirs, devisees, beneficiaries, creditors, and other professionals to carry out your duties;
  • Determining proper and timely distributions, including partial distributions;
  • Drafting and executing releases, waivers of liability, acceptance of distributions, and other documents to ensure clarity in the proper distribution of the estate.

We Also Represent Beneficiaries and Heirs

JDR LAW also represents clients in protecting their interest in a trust or estate. This often involves ensuring the fiduciary is complying with all of their fiduciary duties, Arizona law, and the express terms of the trust and/or will. If you would like more information on breach of fiduciary duties, please visit our breach of fiduciary duty page.

JDR LAW serves every county in the state of Arizona and we would be honored to assist you in your probate administration or trust administration. Contact JDR LAW today with questions related to your representation.

Let's Work Together