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Elder Abuse

Experienced In Elder Abuse Matters

JDR LAW, a Phoenix, Arizona, based law firm, is experienced in handling elder abuse matters. In Arizona, elder abuse occurs in three (3) different ways: financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, abuse of a vulnerable adult, and/or neglect of a vulnerable adult. In all cases, a Petition for relief from the court is required before civil relief can be granted.

Strict Laws in Arizona Against Financial Exploitation

Arizona has arguably one of the strictest laws against financial exploitation in the nation. The standard for financial exploitation is the vulnerable adult’s assets must be used for their sole benefit, absent a few narrow exceptions. In congruence with the strict standard, Arizona imposes strict penalties on someone who is found to have financially exploited, abused, and/or neglected a vulnerable adult, including, but not limited to, registry on a statewide registry, mandatory attorneys’ fees and costs, the potential for double damages, and removal of any interest in the vulnerable adult’s governing instrument(s) or estate plan.

Strategic and Immediate Action

We understand the trauma and disbelief of discovering a loved one or friend is being exploited, abused, and/or neglected. We also understand the shock of being accused of such a heinous act. At JDR LAW we have represented all sides of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult claims, abuse claims, and neglect claims. Our representation of clients in these matters often requires strategic and immediate action to ensure the safety of your loved one and to secure available resources and assets from being further wasted or dissipated.

Keeping Vulnerable Adults Safe

JDR LAW has assisted clients in freezing assets from use by an exploiter, returning assets that an exploiter stole or improperly had title to, retitling property that an exploiter influenced the vulnerable adult to improperly retitle, obtaining court orders keeping the vulnerable adults safe from abusers and neglecters, representing clients in administrative hearings, and trials on these matters.

If you are looking for an immediate and strategic response to a financial exploitation, abuse, or neglect cause of action, contact JDR LAW to advise you on the most appropriate course of action for your situation.

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