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Our Practice Areas

Trust Litigation

Here at JDR LAW we are a local Phoenix, Arizona, law firm that represents all potential parties in a trust dispute, including trustees, beneficiaries, and private fiduciaries acting as a trustee. Our experience representing all potential parties in trust litigation allows us to understand each party’s perspective and strategically advise our clients.

Probate Litigation

JDR LAW is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and represents clients throughout the state of Arizona in probate litigation matters. In doing so, we have years of experience representing all sides of a probate dispute.

Elder Abuse

JDR LAW, a Phoenix, Arizona, based law firm, is experienced in handling elder abuse matters. In Arizona, elder abuse occurs in three (3) different ways: financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, abuse of a vulnerable adult, and/or neglect of a vulnerable adult. In all cases, a Petition for relief from the court is required before civil relief can be granted.

Guardianship & Conservatorship

JDR LAW, located in Phoenix, Arizona, represents clients in guardianship and conservatorship matters. We know that seeking guardianship and/or conservatorship is a difficult decision for most families, but can often be required to ensure a loved ones safety. We take your personal and often challenging decision very seriously and work to implore empathy and compassion, while representing your interest with vigor. We represent clients in both non-contested and contested guardianships and/or conservatorships.

Probate and Trust Administration

JDR LAW, located in Phoenix, Arizona, serves clients all around the state of Arizona in probate administration and trust administration. We understand the task of serving in a fiduciary role is difficult, complex, and is often compounded by your recent loss and grief. For these reasons, we pride ourselves on clear, timely, and efficient administration of the probate estate or trust estate you are the fiduciary of.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

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